Steps to get a passport

When you are planning to travel or even immigrate to another country, you must first get a passport. Perhaps your question is what are the conditions for obtaining a passport? What steps do you have to go through? Are there any restrictions? What documents are required? How valid is a passport? What are the points to consider when using a passport to enter the destination country?
Follow us to the end of this article to find the answers to your questions and get comprehensive and complete information.

Types of Iranian passports

There are three types of passports in Iran that you can apply for depending on the purpose you have for leaving the country:

Type 1: Ordinary or tourist passport

This passport is issued to all individuals and ordinary citizens who want to leave the country for entertainment, pilgrimage, education and the like.

Type 2: Diplomatic passport

This passport is issued to political officials and high-ranking people of the country, which is different from ordinary passports.

Type 3: Service Passport

This passport is also given to people who are sent on business missions by the government, and it is just like a diplomatic passport.

Documents required to obtain a passport

You should review all the documents you need to apply for a passport, gather everything you need and go to the nearest +10 police station in your area.

دریافت پاسپورت

These documents for applying for a passport are as follows:

Original and copy of identity card with approval from the Civil Registry Office
National card
A 4×4 color photo with a white background that must be new (your face in the photo must be completely recognizable. The photo of women must be with full hijab and the photo of men must be without glasses, hats and ties. Girls over 5 years old also Must have a veiled photo)
People under the age of 18 must have a notarized permission from their father and guardian
A certificate of employment and an insurance booklet are also required for persons under 15 years of age
Photos are also required for children under 6 years old
Military retirees less than 5 years after retirement need written permission to protect their unit
Individuals still serving in the military must also obtain written permission to protect their unit

Note that if the process of obtaining your passport is smooth and easy, you have collected all these documents completely and without any problems and presented them to the +10 police stations, otherwise there will be a delay. And procrastination or facing many problems will not be too far from expectation.

Conditions for obtaining or renewing a passport

After collecting the necessary documents, you must now pay attention to a number of conditions so that you can receive your passport or even renew it. These conditions are different for each gender.

Conditions for obtaining and renewing a men’s passport

Copy and original end-of-service card or smart service exemption certificate
Individuals currently serving in the military should contact the Civil Service Agency and obtain an exit permit.
Students must also receive a letter of employment from wherever they are studying and then submit the letter to the public service organization.

It is not possible for you to receive a passport or even renew it as a male if you do not provide the documents mentioned above.

Conditions for obtaining and renewing women’s passports

Formal written consent from the husband for married women
Provide the original death certificate of the husband or his revoked identity card for women whose husband has died
The principle of divorce for women who are divorced from their husbands
Women living abroad do not need to submit a notarized agreement

Other conditions:

In the photo, the roundness of the face and all its components should be clear and unambiguous
The photo should not be blurry or overly retouched
The background color should be white
White and green clothes should not be used
Hoods and scarves should be without design
Glasses and other decorative items should not be on the face
Lack of thick makeup
Women’s hair, neck and ears should be covered
Men’s beards and hairstyles should not be special
The background color should be different from the color of the person’s clothes
Open or patterned clothes or long collars are also prohibited
The photo must be new or at least for the past year
Individuals who have tax debts or the administration of justice and the registration of documents, or who have been banned from leaving the country by the judicial authorities, and who also have a bad record, cannot apply for a passport.
Passport obtaining and renewal fees

These costs include costs related to police and municipal tolls, the costs of the +10 police offices themselves, postage costs, and so on. The important point here is that the deposit to the account of the municipality and the police must be done directly through the National Bank or you have to do it through the card readers in the +10 police offices, otherwise the payment Will not be accepted via the Internet or ATM.

Wait to receive your passport

It takes about 6 to 8 days for your passport to be processed and sent to the postal address you filled out on the form. Of course, if you are not at the desired address and the postman can not deliver the passport to you, this process will take longer.

Another important point is that all people over 6 years old must go to the police + offices to get a passport


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