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Find the best and most authentic Iranian restaurants in Canada (Ontario - Toronto, Quebec - Montreal, British Columbia - Vancouver) only in the box.


Canadian Iranian restaurant

Find the best and most authentic Iranian restaurants in Canada only in the box.

Iranian restaurants in all countries of the world are known for promoting Iranian culture. This mission can be seen in the d

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Introducing the best Iranian cafes in Canada

Iranian restaurants in Canada offer a variety of traditional Iranian dishes, including kebabs, vegetables, various stews, rice and seafood. These restaurants provide high-quality and delicious food to their customers by using the best raw materials and following health standards. In addition, many Iranian restaurants in Canada have a traditional and beautiful decoration that creates more attraction for customers. In short, we mentioned a few of them; But we will go into more details later.
- Shiraz Restaurant in Toronto
  - Pomegranate Restaurant in Vancouver
  - Khorak Supermarket and Restaurant in Edmonton
  - Cazba Restaurant in the city of Vancouver and North Vancouver
  - Darvish Restaurant in Calgary
  - Yaas Bazaar in Montreal
  - Kebab Bistro in Toronto and Montreal

The most famous Iranian restaurants in Vancouver, Canada

It takes a long time to find a good restaurant in Vancouver. When you have little time and practically cannot visit all the restaurants and check their facilities, this point becomes important for you.
Iranian restaurants in Canada and Vancouver have a pleasant atmosphere for every Iranian with a beautiful design in accordance with Iranian culture and tradition. In addition to design, delicious Iranian food can be easily found in these restaurants. You can find and enjoy foods such as Qorme Sabzi, Kebab, Stew, Daisy, delicious Iranian breakfasts, etc. in all Iranian restaurants and some Iranian supermarkets in Canada. Here we have listed some of the best ones for you.

• Kabza restaurant
If you are looking for authentic Iranian food prepared with vegetables, rice and vegetables, Kazba restaurant is the best place for you. These delicious dishes are cooked with meat, chicken, fish or lamb.
Cabeza serves its food using organic, natural and local ingredients. Likewise, you don't have to go to this restaurant in person; Because they also accept online orders. Explore their interesting menu.

• Olive restaurant
When it comes to providing an exceptional dining experience, this restaurant is one of the first choices. Zeitoun, with its calm and comfortable environment, is your best choice for a formal meal. If you visit the restaurant during the summer months, you will also enjoy the view from their patio.
The staff at Zeitoun are very pleasant and efficient and will guide you through the menu to find the right dishes to suit your taste. The chefs use only fresh halal ingredients to prepare hearty plates of traditional Iranian dishes such as filet sour kebab. In addition to all this, you can also find baklava and basmati rice in this restaurant.

• Khanqan Restaurant
Khaqan Restaurant is an Iranian restaurant with more than 15 years of experience in providing quality Iranian food and Iranian kebabs in downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver. They offer traditional Mediterranean and Iranian dishes and kebabs and dishes using fresh ingredients in a captivating environment and a lovely atmosphere.
You can also enjoy Iranian food wherever you want with delivery services throughout Vancouver. If you are looking for something different, Soltani, Waziri, Kebab Laqmeh, Kebab Margh Dardar, etc. are some of the best dishes served in this restaurant. The prices of this restaurant are very reasonable.

Gilane restaurant
Gilane restaurant serves a variety of delicious Iranian dishes in a large and lovely place.
The menu of this restaurant is filled with very delicious dishes such as special Gilaneh kebab, Bakhtiari kebab, and Chanjeh kebab. Gilane staff are also very friendly. If you are a Daisy fan, note that Gilane is one of the best restaurants to try traditional Iranian dishes like Daisy. You will surely love both the food and the environment.
Iranian restaurants for Iranian tourists in Toronto

Iranian restaurants in Toronto are a gathering place for Iranians and their presence is an encouragement to the Iranian community living in Canada. Toronto, Canada is one of the cities that has received many immigrants in recent years, and many Iranians have been among these immigrants. Since we Iranians are used to our food and are proud of it, increasing the presence of Iranians in Canada means increasing the number of Iranian restaurants. So if you are looking for an Iranian restaurant in Toronto, take this list with you.

• Takht Taavos Restaurant
As you enter this restaurant, you will see a tapestry-like mural of native Iranian cypress covering the dining area, topped with tasteful ceramic vases, artwork, paintings, lanterns, and the sheen of stone tiles in places, brick and wood panels in places. is no longer surrounded. But for a more traditional Iranian experience, the highlight of this restaurant is having a carpeted bed to sit on.
The staff of this restaurant are very friendly; In a way that gives you a warm feeling of home. So if you are looking for delicious Halim, Iranian bread and a beautiful design that is a sign of Iranian culture, don't wait any longer!
Takht Tavus is a branch of the famous Anar and Shahrazadeh restaurants, which focuses on breakfast dishes and other delicious dishes and celebrates the cuisines of different regions of Iran.

• Pomegranate restaurant
Anar is where you can find homemade Iranian food and some delicious Iranian dishes. That's why you can find Berber bread and basmati saffron rice on the menu of this old restaurant